TAB is an award-winning, full service design team located in Denver, Colorado that truly has a passion to create timeless and beautiful spaces. As a Military Veteran and woman owned company…it is important that TAB only offers the best for our clients. Any designer of TAB is formally educated and holds a degree in Interior Design, we are members of the Denver Chamber of Commerce, the American Society of Interior Designers, and we frequently volunteer for various Colorado projects.

TAB is genuinely here for our clients…we strive to create a design and experience that is special to each individual client project. We design with our clients for their wants, needs, and desires as a priority to offer the best functioning design possible.

We do this in various ways, but most importantly we are a one stop shop offering our expertise and experience along with the local craftsmen that we have built great relationships with. Together we work as a team to make your project come to fruition.

Meet the Designers

TAB = Timeless & Beautiful

TAB is a duo composed of talent, project management, marketing, and wicked interior designers. We enjoy working with others in the creative realm both locally and across the state so to offer fresh design solutions for each individual project. We cherish building new relationships as we continue to grow as a team.

Trish Bonney

Founder & Principal Designer

TAB Interior Designs was founded by Trish Bonney, originally from a tiny town in Northern Vermont. Trish is an Active Duty Air Force Veteran that has lived and traveled around the world and has a vast amount of experience in various fields. Formally educated in Interior Design, Instructional Technology, Education, and years of experience in Architecture, Trish thrives on innovative design challenges. After working in the industry where there were unwelcoming work environments, collaboration was not a priority, and credit was not given where credit was due, Trish started TAB with the desire to have a very collaborative environment where all involved are respected equally and to make sure all are aware of the talents each hold. Trish also realized by offering this type of firm, you get multiple eyes on each project with extreme enthusiasm which ultimately offers clients amazing outcomes. Trish is big on giving back and is frequently volunteering on projects, especially in ones that help up-keep and respect local architecture. As a mom and wife though, Trish makes sure to balance her time between business and life which makes for a much happier designer that has time to refresh and ready for the next creation!

Maira Santos

Lead Designer

Newest TAB designer Maira Santos was born in California but considers herself a Colorado native at heart. Her love of travel has allowed her to experience and fall in love with varieties of design styles and culture. She also found an interest in people’s way of living especially what makes “home” a home for each person. In 2016 she graduated from The Art Institute receiving her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Interior Design. After graduating Maira has been a design assistant for a variety of different design firms as well as a successful asset to Kravet Inc. in the Denver Design Center, specializing in soft goods.

Maira now creates amazing 3D models and design schemes for client projects, allowing them the opportunity to conceptualize their vision before they embark on their design journey. Her love of travel, design and culture inspires her to create unique spaces for each client and she is eager and thrilled to start new adventures with TAB Interior Designs and all their wonderful clients.

Tab Interior Designs

Your space should not only function to fit your needs but inspire you every day. TAB Interior Designs is a full-service interior design team with a motivation to create distinctive areas that reflect their owners’ personality and aspirations. Whether we’re transforming an industrial condo or mountainside retreat, we listen carefully to interpret each individual client’s goals to design stunning, purposeful spaces that you can’t wait to return to.

TAB’s multi-disciplinary practice combines design, architecture, and artistry to achieve transformations of any complexity and scale. Our network of talented partners includes leading craftspeople who share our commitment to exceptional work. Talk to us about bringing your vision to fruition.

One Stop Shop

Help our clients from experiencing unnecessary stress and anxiety

Individualized Unique Designs

We create spaces that reflect who you are and where you are. Each space is unique because each client is unique. 

Expertise and Experience

Save clients from wasting time while also managing a timely schedule

Open Collaboration

Keeping our clients grounded within realistic investment goals

Project Management

Our process has been refined to be specific to each individual clients needs and make them feel confident in decision making.

Work with Local Craftsmen

Leverage our expertise when working with local craftsmen to customize your space. 

Full Service Interior Design

Taking on a project to remodel a space or even just interior design options in general can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming.  With so many choices in Colorado for companies that can assist, it is another stressor to make a decision of who to collaborate with to make your dreams come to fruition.  At TAB, we have worked hard to create a process that we work hand in hand with our clients to help save time and overall investment towards the project while making all involved feel as comfortable and confident in each decision. 

Learn More About Our Services

See Our Work

Whether we’re transforming an industrial condo or mountainside retreat, we listen carefully to interpret each individual client’s goals to design stunning, purposeful spaces that you can’t wait to return to.

Our Talented Team

TAB believes that Interior Design is a way for clients and designers to collaborate, communicate, and enjoy one another’s imaginations while creating spaces that are both functional and comfortable. Inspirations for designs are found in everyday life experiences. Connecting all the pieces of a project from beginning to end and seeing the finished results pushes TAB to always give their best on everything they dive into. TAB’s ultimate goal is to take the stress out of their client’s projects, to work with them to make an exciting adventure, and produce a space that they can’t wait to return to.

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