Are you now having to work from home?  

According to Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, “Our best estimate is that 25-30% of the workforce will be working-from-home multiple days a week by the end of 2021.” This is a significant increase to pre-covid. When we were faced with ‘sheltering in place’, it was then that many of us realized that working from home was going to be the ‘new norm’ for many of us. With that being said, TAB would like to help and offer some tips on how to assist with this change in your residence if you happen to be facing this new workspace need.

TIP #1: Let us create a 3D shoppable rendering for you today!

Above is a rendering we created for a recent client after letting us know there retail location of choice.  This space will be the new home office from their previous guest bedroom. After approval of the rendering, we provided them with the shopping list to put make it come to fruition. We can do this with you in person or virtually…whatever you feel most comfortable with!

TIP #2: Colors in the workspace matter so choose wisely.

Let us explain the colors we chose for our design above…

  1. Off white – White in an office can appear as very sterile and clinical. In a work space, a warm creamy white will soften an area while making it warm and welcoming and an easy backdrop to decorate with.
  2. Teal/light blue – Teal is a combination of blue (stimulates the mind) and green (creates balance and reassurance), so this is an ideal color to promote productivity. Keep in mind though, you do not want to overload your space with one color as it is good to complement with other tones to create an overall ideal emotional feeling. Also keep in mind that brightness and intensity are important for the desired effect.
  3. Yellow – Yellow is an ideal color for creative industries. While evoking feelings of happiness and brightening your spirits, a pastel tone keeps the creative juices flowing and pairs well with blues!
Now if you can’t stand yellow for example, then we can’t promise it will bring you happiness…but that is where you work with your designer to assist in finding the best fit for your specific wants & needs!

TIP #3: Essential tools will only enhance your space!

  1. Adjustable desk – the very center of your design is your desk. Research shows sitting idle for too long poises multiple health risks. This does not mean you should stand all day though, so having an adjustable desk allows the opportunity to alternate as necessary for your comfort level.
  2. Ergonomic chair – these are designed with pain points in mind so be sure to invest in the proper type of chair. Look for one with lumbar support and the ability to adjustable both the arms and seat height to fit your specific body.  To increase efficiency and avoid straining, a swivel chair with wheels is the top choice…but be sure to equate for carpet if applicable.
  3. My fav…the coffee mug warmer – the worse thing is when you go to sit down to start the day and your coffee is already lukewarm. A coffee mug warmer solves this problem. But learn from my ‘mishaps’ and be sure not to have it too close to your technology as they do not like liquids!

This is just a short list to assist in your new home office, as we are just hitting the tip of the surface. With all too many of us experiencing the same outcome of our recent environmental changes…we can all use some help and it’s okay to ask for it. With that being said, TAB is here for you, to work with you, and ready to make your space right for you!
Would you like help in creating your new home office…click here!