Are there pet friendly area rugs?

According to the 2019-2- Naational Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Association (APPA), 67% of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet.  If I had a nickel fo revery time I ahve been asked if there is a pet friendly area rug, I would b a happy lady!  Honestly, there is not a end all be all when it comes to pets for area rugs, but there are some much better than others.

Let’s start with sustainable polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.  Not only is this eco-firendly, but it is economical and a hard-waring fiber for pets.  These are available in indoor/outdoor styles.  This type can quickly be hosed off outside when needed!

“…I would stay far away from this option with those pets that love to dig or scratch!”

Polypropylene is created with synthetic yarns that are durable and generally non-absorbent.  Like the polyester styles, these are available in indoor/outdoor styles.  A little more of an investment are you natural wool area rugs.  Another Eco-friendly option, it is naturally fire-resistant and easy to care for concerning your furry friends.  Last is Jute or Sisal, which is created with natural fibers, but I would stay far away from this option with those pets that love to dig or scratch.

After you consider the material, next think of the construction…there is cut pile, loop pile, or woven.  Hand-made rugs that are tufted or knotted are available with cut pile or sheared yarns.  Consider cut pile if you pet has long nails and likes to scratch and dig at surfaces.  The loops on hand-made rugs offer a soft look but are not a good idea for our friends that like to scratch.  If they are not diggers, this is a beautiful construction choice.  If for whatever reason you get an occasional stray with this style, simply cut the loop evenly with the top of the rug.  Las is the woven, flat-weave options which are great due to being light weight.  Tighter weaves can typically withstand a pet that likes to dig and scratch.

Now probably the most important to consider is clean-ability.  Wool, polyester and polypropylene yarns are all easy to clean.  Depending on the size of the rug, you can typically take the rug outside and hose it off with water and mild soap.  For larger room size rugs, contact a professional to clean the rug either in your home or at their facility.  Tufted rugs with latex and cotton backing may be best cleaned by a professional, especially since they take longer to dry.  If hosing an easy care, indoor/outdoor rug outside, make sure you hang it over a railing so both sides dry completely.  Jute rugs are not as easy to clean pet stains as other fibers.