More than likely you have been thinking of remodeling or refreshing your space for months.  You might be spending hours on end on multiple interior design sites not only hindering you from making final decisions…but also wasting your time in front of the screen that you could have been spending with family and/or friends.

Review the following mishaps that you should be aware off before you even start to tackle anything!

1. Be Realistic With Time

On TV, all too often we are shown that a kitchen remodel can be done over a weekend. For anyone who has actually accomplished any type of remodeling in their residence, the demolition alone may take longer than one weekend.  Issues that can extend a time line are unforeseen challenges, homeowners changing their minds mid-stream, materials arriving damaged or incorrect, and so much more. Unfortunately stuff happens and this is the reality of remodeling.
In this particular TAB project photographed above, the Lakewood home tested positive for asbestos before any work began. This was a huge hit to the budget, but also a 30 day extension of the timeline. Although extremely  unfortunate, it was an aspect that had to be taken care before any work could begin.

The takeaway: Patience, realistic expectations, and decisive decision making from day one will make for a less stressful experience.

2. Don’t Skimp on Materials

You went shopping on your own and found a 99-cent tile that you think will look okay and fit the need.  After watching multiple You Tube videos, you also try to install the bargain find yourself.  For some reason though you are finding this amazingly cheap tile hard to install and it keeps cracking or chipping.  In this bathroom remodel that TAB designed in Lakewood, custom cabinetry was necessary to get as much storage squeezed in as possible.  Yes this cost a little more than going with stock cabinets, but they also would not have been able to achieve the look that they wanted. For this couple, it was worth fulfilling their must have of storage and organization in the small space while also receiving the desired esthetic.

The takeaway: We all want a good bargain but when doing any work on your home, you really should keep quality a priority and not let thriftiness cloud your judgement.  Generally when you attempt to go cheap, you end up spending more in the long run!

3. Hire a Pro

Choosing paint colors may sound easy enough and even installing that 99-cent tile sounded manageable. Then you start to question the mint green that you thought would look amazing in your kitchen next to your mustard yellow living room AND notice that the new tile back splash is not only chipped in various spots, but its crocked as well. In this kitchen remodel photographed above that we designed for a wonderful couple in Centennial, there was an intricate tile detail behind the range that was made more apparent by using a white grout with a navy tile.  Had this not been done well it would have stood out immediately and was definitely worth having it done professionally!

The takeaway: Not only does remodeling a home take lots of time, but it also requires skill.  Professionals have training & experience in specific areas…if you want a positive outcome have it done right the first time!

4. Have a Budget and Have a Contingency…and be Realistic!

You just wanted to take out your huge tub & deck surround and put a walk in shower in its place. Unfortunately, there was an unknown leak under the tub deck and mold is fairly extensive after demo is completed.

The Takeaway: A thorough inspection from a trusted contractor can reveal most work to be done, but all to often there are unforeseen issues that can arise.  Have a realistic budget to begin, but always have a contingency for those unforeseen situations.