Share a photo of your fun, lovable pet’s that are making your time at home more enjoyable!

TAB design assistants, Bentley & Lily Bear, know exactly how useful they are and how much we adore their company! Recently though, they are getting spoiled rotten with attention due to their mom’s new at-home office space and doing virtual design work only. During TAB’s virtual design meetings, they may be heard in the background as samples are dropped off by the mail man or they may peek in on meetings as they are getting all to used to more scratches behind their ears and being the center of attention! So with that being said, let’s all share some fun pics of how your four-legged friends are supporting you through these times!

With your pics, tell us how your pets are supporting you. Bentley and Lily support their mom by offering to nibble the last bits of snacks so we can all expand happily together (lol)! Show us their favorite hang out spots…are they like Lily and Bentley who’s favorite spot is either right at their mom’s feet or next to the fireplace? Whatever you would like to share, we would love to see!

Thanks from all of us (furry & human) at TAB…we hope you stay healthy and safe!