After living in my bland two-bedroom New Jersey condo for 10 years, I finally worked with Trish to transform it into an inviting home. Trish is so thoughtful and responsive. We worked remotely by FaceTime, texting and Pinterest. She taught me how to combine different textures for more interest and drama. The color scheme of cream, gold and plum is rich and elegant. The tiled pattern of wallpaper was an easy way to highlight my fireplace. Coming home now brings me joy and I can’t wait to host cocktail and dinner parties for my friends.

Goldie Bonney

We were renting an old, traditional home after my husband’s job relocated us and bought it when it went up for sale. I prefer a clean, modern space so we’re renovating it a little at a time—starting with our four-year-old daughter’s bedroom. This was the first time I hired an interior designer and I’m so glad I did. Trish saved me so much time and encouraged me to take chances. Harper’s room features a large wall of colorful, geometric design peel-and-stick wallpaper. There are purple accent walls and a cool hexagon backsplash in the bathroom. She helped find the comforter and wall hangings that pulled it all together. Trish was patient and flexible and worked within our tight budget and one-month timeline. When she returned home from a week with my parents, Harper was delighted with her beautiful, new bedroom.

Jessica Davis

I moved into my penthouse in Golden two years ago with the outdated remnants from my divorce. My daughter finally convinced me to hire an interior designer and the TAB ladies did an amazing job. It’s so relaxing on the eye and everything flows together. My home even has a ‘me room,’ featuring photos and mementoes of my career as a navy fighter and commercial airline pilot. I trusted them to do most of the work while I was in Florida for four months. Now, when I enjoy a panoramic view of the foothills of the Rockies from my window, my interior view is just as special.

Jack Grimm

As an interior designer myself, I tried to remodel my kitchen for years. I finally recognized I needed a fresh perspective and hired TAB Interior Designs. They are so responsive, patient and flexible. When issues came up with contractors, they quickly resolved them. Moving the refrigerator to the other side of the room to allow for a bank of drawers, prep space and a magic corner of pull-out shelves was such a creative solution. The gray cabinets with a striped texture make the Caribbean azure blue walls pop. The best part of this remodel is now it’s a safe, functional place for our four-year-old daughter to help with meals and learn to cook.

Jenelle Cheng

Interior Designer

I’m a big fan of Trish Bonney! She transformed our dark house into a timeless, calm, bright home. Most interior designers want to do it their way, but Trish really listens, offers many great ideas and helps me decide. She keeps me on task, and nothing rattles her. My husband and I have lived overseas and wanted to highlight some of the treasures we’ve collected. Trish had our lighted alcove tiled in a Moroccan theme to showcase our large blue and white quartz Ottoman vase. She found a print of a ship with our name on it that now decorates our stairwell and has become a conversation piece. I look forward to working with her on our next project and am always recommending her to my friends.

Jan Benbow

There are few interior designers out there who genuinely love what they do and strive to make you happy. Trish is one of them. We wanted to create an environment indicative of a medical office without the sterility that is so often pervasive in today’s medical field.  Trish revamped our office space in a calming color scheme that fit us and our intentions. Our patients can’t believe it’s a Doctor’s office. They feel that sense of comfort when they are often in a vulnerable state. Most of what Trish truly offers, money can’t buy.

Joseph DiBella

Doctor, Modern Chiropractic and Wellness Center