Working with an Interior Designer can be intimidating for some. At TAB, we want to be the Designers that help all our clients to get the best results and most bang for their buck.  So, here we are presenting to you the most important aspects to know PRIOR to your initial consult with us.  We hope this is beneficial and gives you a better understanding of our process and how much we are here for you!

Be Realistic About Your Project Investment

Attempting to accomplish multiple rooms at once requires a larger investment.  While the number you have in mind may feel like a large sum, it may not be reasonable to achieve everything at once.  Remember you need to include (if applicable) our design time, shipping/delivery & possible storage of items, drawings and/or renderings, installation, construction, product costs (the biggest variable), etc.  Luckily for you, this is our daily profession and we are pretty darn good at knowing what is or isn’t possible for a quality outcome that you will love.  Let’s say you decide to go with the mid-range, mid-quality products…the overall investment can still be a surprise, but potentially fit your financial needs.  On the other hand, it may not be what you are truly and full-heartedly happy with.  Another unfortunate result of trying to cut corners is a short-lived outcome due to lack of quality.  As your Designers, it really is TAB’s priority to have happy clients!  We would much rather see one space that you can’t wait to return to daily than multiple rooms that you just feel okay with and are mediocre in quality.  It is perfectly fine to do things over time or in stages…yes it requires patience, but you will respect and appreciate the decision in the long run.

Acquire Quality Items Once Instead Of At A Discount Twice

Your most important, big ticket pieces (sofas, dining tables, beds, art, cabinetry, appliances, etc.) are the ones that you hope to be around the longest.  There is a saying that your mother said to you that was passed down to her…” You get what you pay for.”  If you can’t make the investment today to acquire quality or items that make your stomach flutter with joy, don’t compromise just to make a change.  Let’s have a discussion to see if we can save in other areas or if a little more time is needed to make your dreams come to fruition.  We are not going anywhere!  Having a good plan set in place is something you will NOT feel stress about, but buying something just because it is less expensive and fills the space will be a huge regret and an expensive mistake down the road when you want or have to replace it.

Believe in us.

This is our chosen profession because it is our passion.  We are confident in our abilities but are the first to admit we are not super humans or perfect!  With that being said, when we strongly stand behind something have faith in our perspective and allow us to educate one another on our reasoning.  We will never push a style or ‘feeling’ to our personal taste, that is the portion of the journey that we help you create, but if we question something concerning product quality let us inform you as to why and go from there.  We are Interior Designers and try to open your eyes to new and unique options, but we are here for you and not our personal agenda!

TV Is Entertainment, Not Real Life

The investments and timelines on home improvement shows are created to promote viewings and are far from real life!  Staged furniture and accessories seen at the end of a project are never included in the overall budgets discussed.  Many items like cabinetry and appliances are donated for promotional value, and construction costs vary tremendously across the country! It’s frustrating to clients when we have to let them know that a well-done bathroom can’t be done over a weekend, that contractors won’t stay on site and work 24 hours a day, and that a quality kitchen with unique aspects can’t be done for $10,000 or less.  So please heed this warning, these shows are okay for inspiration and entertainment, but far from educational or authentic!

Design First And Then Renovation Or Build

If you have a big project, consult your TAB Designer as early on in the game as possible.  We are educated in and have multiple years of experience in architecture and architectural drawings.  If a project does not need permitting, we are more than capable of producing your drawings ourselves without having to involve an Architect.

For example, if you go to an Architect for a tenant improvement project or home design first, they may just plop in generic furniture or cabinetry initially.  THEN you decide you need to work with TAB to source the actual furniture and design the break room or kitchen…you may have to start all over with the Architect and re-do your drawings which will double your time bill from them.  It can’t be said enough, let’s talk first and get a good plan laid out to best fit your needs!

Things Take Time

Good things take time and GREAT things can take a little bit longer!  Anything custom, unique, handcrafted, or upholstered will take a little longer than you are probably hoping for.  We just want to make sure that you are prepared and aware as this is reality. And keep in mind, no matter how much you call us to check on lead time…we will keep on top of our vendors and lead times, but we can not speed up their process.

Honesty is the best policy

It can be daunting to work with a Designer and maybe you are uncomfortable with confrontation, but we are here to create environments that you love and want to show off to everyone…so talk to us!  If you are not excited, full of joy, or eager to see it all come to fruition you have to be open and honest with us!  We have been around for a bit, we don’t take it personal as this is for you and your needs, and it is our ultimate goal to make you happy!!